Thank You, Firefighters!

I captured some images of the destruction left by the Poinsettia and Cocos Fires.


Charred hillside on Twin Oaks Valley Road.


Burned remains of Lakeview Trail, with burned hillsides surrounding the lake at San Elijo Hills.


A better look at Lakeview Trail.

A better look at Lakeview Trail.


pano csusm

Panoramic view from Lot F at CSUSM. The Markstein Building is on the far left.



View of hillsides and a local farm in Carlsbad at the end of Poinsettia.


A charred canyon and some singed trees, but a home remains standing near the fire line.


csusm thanks

Watching the campus nearly burn last week awakened in me a sense of pride and emotional tie to CSUSM I didn’t know I had. I’m so glad that my memories of this place can stay preserved due to the diligent efforts of our area’s fire crews AS WELL AS the CSUSM facilities personnel who worked to keep the fire at bay as firefighters made their way there on Wednesday.



Even our community’s littlest members are expressing their thanks.

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