Steam Fresh

Once the tile floors were installed in our house, I started looking into the many options available for cleaning them. I wanted to find something that would clean and disinfect them while also preserving the finish and grout color. Many chemicals can change the color of tile grout, or even cause the grout to deteriorate if not used properly. Also, given that we have a 9-month old crawler/cruiser baby, I wasn’t too keen on using chemicals to clean the surface she sits on, lies on, and, to my dismay, will often eat from.


My best friend recommended a steam mop, as she has used one on her tile floors for the past two years and loved it. I perused reviews on Amazon and ordered the Bissell Steam Mop Select. There were other models out there that were much more expensive, such as Hoover, Dyson, Haan, and Shark,  but upon closer look, their reviews were not great, and they did not come with reusable pads. Given the frequency I will be using this mop, I didn’t want to have to buy replacement cloths for it. Those purchases can add up over time!

Okay, so given the mechanics of how a steam mop works, I figured this would be a nice opportunity to also diffuse some essential oils into my home while also cleaning. I decided to place some lemon essential oil into the steam mop’s tank along with water to provide a pleasant aroma along with chemical-free disinfectant.

tile floor

Oh. My. Gosh. Not only is the steam mop easy to use and so effective with keeping our floors clean, but when used with essential oil, I can disinfect and diffuse aromas that are beneficial for deterring pests! I’ve used the mop to clean our floors twice now, and it’s an easy way to mop and disinfect floors in one easy step. I’m glad I had someone around me to clue me in to this safe and effective cleaning method!


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