Sock Bun Tutorial


As a working mom, I wear the sock bun anywhere from two to five times a week. It’s my old standby for when I’m pressed for time, which is often, and it’s a look that women can’t really go wrong with. Each time I style my hair this way, I receive lots of compliments on the sleek and simple appearance of it, and many women comment that they’d love to wear the same style but believe for some reason that they can’t.

The truth is, anyone can style a sock bun with the right tools! From what I’ve seen in other tutorials, your hair doesn’t even need to be all that long or straight to do so, as evidenced through this video:

Because so many women seem to be misinformed about the ease of creating the sock bun, I figured I’d shed some light on how I achieve my style through this tutorial.


The hair products you use will vary depending on your hair’s texture, but the main items you’ll need are a brush, holding spray or mousse, bobby pins, a ponytail holder, and a “donut” or sock. Many beauty supply stores as well as accessories shops (Claire’s, Icing) all carry donuts for sale for creating these buns, but I’ve never purchased one specifically. I’ve always been able to get by with using a sock to create my donut.

The material of the sock creates different results. For my hair’s texture, using a nylon sock doesn’t always produce the best hold. I find the best results using a cotton dress sock. I inherited the one pictured from my husband after he wore a hole in it at the heel.


If you choose the sock method, make sure the color of the sock matches your hair color as closely as possible. For blondes, a nude colored sock works well. You’ll cut the toe off of the end of the sock to make it look like the one above.


You can wrap the sock into a donut easily by sliding the sock onto your arm first. You can also use this time to channel your inner 80s child.


Your toeless sock is now the nucleus of your bun!


Once you’ve formed a donut with your sock, place your hair in a ponytail. Be neat during this phase – you want the sides to stay tucked in and keep the bottom and crown smooth and free of “bumps.” Utilize your hold spray, mousse, or moisturizer to achieve smoothness as you pull your hair into the ponytail.

Note: Placement of your ponytail is important as this lays the bed for where your bun will rest. High ponytails result in high buns. However, you can also place your ponytail lower for a low bun.


Begin to wrap your hair around the sock, starting at the tip of your ponytail working in. Similar to how you may have rolled your socks over at your ankles as a child, you’ll start rolling your ponytail over the donut, tucking all hair in at the donut’s hole. Continue to roll until the donut reaches the base of your ponytail, and your hair is completely tucked.


Usually, when I’ve finished wrapping my bun, my hair only covers one portion of the sock. If this is the case for you as well do not fret; you can simply spread your hair horizontally over the sock to cover it. If any hairs come loose during this process, just tuck them into the donut hole as you did before.


Once your sock is covered, tuck in any loose hairs that may have come unraveled as you situated your hair around the sock. Use bobby pins if necessary to hold hair in at the bun as well as in the back.


The finished product is a clean, simple, and classic style that is appropriate for any occasion!


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