Getaway to Glen Ivy

This past weekend we celebrated Allison’s final weeks as a bachelorette, and we took a trip to Glen Ivy Day Spa in Corona. It was a little pricey, and it’s not something I have the time to do often, but for seven straight hours I allowed myself to soak in some relaxation and pampering.

The spa itself is tucked away in the Glen Ivy community¬†of Corona. We drove up a narrow path and past an RV park to get there. It’s nestled into the serene desert mountains, surrounded by rocks and natural topography.

The grounds themselves are okay, but could stand to be updated a bit. Check-in is required by 10am for all services scheduled that day, and upon entering, there are a series of pools and baths scattered in each direction, each lined with chairs and loungers for ample seating. I did notice the seats get taken up pretty quickly by patrons, all reserving with towels, sarongs, or even a flip flop or two.

I received the stress reliever massage, ate lunch at the cafe, walked through The Grotto with my friends, and received a clarifying facial. After dropping off our stuff in the locker room/bath house, we each went to our respective massage appointments. While the pools and main seating areas are in the center of the Glen Ivy grounds, and were quite loud and busy, the perimeter areas were much quieter, including Massage Village, where my massage appointment was held.

My massage was probably the best I’ve gotten. Not only was the pressure perfect, but my masseuse concentrated on the areas I needed the most help with. She also massaged my chest, which I’ve never had before, and concentrated on my face, which was usually brief with prior massages. I left the appointment feeling deeply relaxed.

We went to the cafe for lunch since the spa packages we purchased included $20 gift cards for food. The cafe was really more like a cafeteria, with trays and a counter to slide them across; shout the order to the person on the other side of the counter and they serve your food up after prep. The food itself tasted good, but the process seemed a little “elementary” for the atmosphere Glen Ivy tries to create. In fact, a few of the processes of the day seemed to dull down the glam I was expecting. Many of my friends felt the same way.

After lunch we went to The Grotto, which is basically an underground cave with a sauna room, shower room, then waterfall room. A staff member paints you from the neck down with a shea butter/aloe/moisturizing paste and sends you into the sauna to allow the paste to melt and sink in to your skin. You’re supposed to be rubbing the mixture in during this time, but we were all playing around too much to pay attention to instruction. I recommend The Grotto for groups. I can’t imagine it being as much fun alone.

The girls left after our Grotto experience ended, and I made my way to the showers to prep for my day to end. There were a plethora of shower stalls, so there was no wait in the bath house. Each stall came equipped with an adjustable shower spout and rain water spout overhead, and complimentary body wash, shampoo, and conditioner supplied in a caddy. In addition to the plethora of showers, there were also a plethora of sinks and hair dryers available for use. Those were a bit of a commodity. I had to wait a couple minutes to dry my hair after my shower, but nothing too bad. Mirror space is also a commodity, but I think this all had to do with timing more than anything. When stopping off at our lockers earlier during the day, I didn’t see as much traffic in the shower/sink areas as at the end of the day.

The clarifying facial ended my day, and this was probably my favorite part as it gave me the most takeaway. My esthetician was blunt – she told me my face was full of imperfections and that I was hardly cleansing my pores with whatever I was doing. She also gave me some good tips to help correct some of my dry skin issues and unevenness. Yes, I did buy products from the salon shop upon leaving, but I didn’t get the sense that she was out to simply sell me stuff. She actually gave me a good consultation on my skin and how to care for it. The products she suggested have been wonderful as well, and I’m glad I had a skilled professional give me a true skin regimen.



I don’t have many pictures of the day besides this selfie because carrying a camera or phone around wasn’t practical. We also each decided to ignore the texts and Facebook messages in favor of enjoying our time together in paradise.

Normally, I don’t really make time for pampering myself. I buy shoes, purses, clothing, but hardly ever services for myself; it makes me feel guilty. I carry stress in my neck and shoulders, excess oil in my pores, and toxins in my organs. I use this body to feed and comfort a baby, it helps me teach, it fights illness, it dresses up for occasional date nights, and it stays up late to keep my husband company. I take my body for granted, and I don’t want to anymore, so I’m making a new pact to regularly turn inward to tend to what my body needs. I owe it to myself and my family to stay healthy, and my getaway to Glen Ivy helped me to realize this.


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