Leave Karlesha Thurman Alone Already.

There’s been a lot of unnecessary commentary surrounding a recent CSULB graduate who was photographed breastfeeding her baby at the graduation ceremony. As with anything buzz worthy, people have lots to say both positive and negative. You can follow the original story here: http://abcnews.go.com/News/mother-defends-breastfeeding-her-baby-during-graduation/blogEntry?id=24063112

Here’s what’s bugging me, though:

1. People are missing the context under which that picture was taken. Her 3 month old baby got fussy during the ceremony, she decided to feed her, and a friend snapped the photo, deeming it heartwarming and empowering. She then posted it to a black women breastfeeding support group page on Facebook, and has since taken it down.

2. Far too many adults cannot read or comprehend basic English and have commented that she “shouldn’t have been gettin’ busy during 3rd period” and “keep your legs closed next time.” This graduation happened at CSU Long Beach, which is a university, not a high school. Unlike most of the ignorant commenters, this woman has a college education. And do we know anything of her relationship status? She and her partner’s decision to have a child is no business of ours, and I fail to see how this has any bearing on her breastfeeding or being at graduation.

3. Why do we applaud Kate Upton for wearing skimpy bathing suits, and troll the internet for naked Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé pictures but shame a woman for bearing her breasts to be used as nature intended? THAT’S disgusting.

4. Most of the people who have so much to say are people who have no business talking in the first place. Just as I don’t feel men should comment on abortion issues, people who don’t have babies and have never had to deal with the ups and downs of breastfeeding a small infant like that need to drink a tall glass of STFU. Pumping doesn’t work for everyone. Not all babies take bottles. Not all babies take pacifiers. Not all babies take formula. And whether or not her baby is one of the aforementioned is irrelevant, because how she chooses to feed HER child, is nobody’s business but her own. PERIOD.

One thought on “Leave Karlesha Thurman Alone Already.

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