Making Water Less Boring

We’ve all heard the line about how integral water is to a healthy and balanced diet. Water helps us to flush out toxins, it keeps our bodies hydrated, and with hydration comes healthy skin, nails, hair, bladder, liver, and kidneys. However, we don’t always drink the necessary amount of water our bodies need to function properly. If you feel thirsty, that’s actually a sign of dehydration, because dehydration starts long before the sensation of thirst hits the palette.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I will say that the reason I don’t drink enough water is very plain and simple: Though refreshing at times, overall, water is just plain boring. It’s bland, it’s tasteless – it’s not the most exciting thing to hit my tongue. I’m in love with the healthiness of water, but I’m not at all interested in the taste. I will drink it for refreshment, but I am not in love with water.


Even with its adorable mustache, I’m not interested in drinking that glass of water.

While at Glen Ivy a couple weeks ago, the esthetician who did my facial commented that the dryness I was experiencing on my skin was a result of dehydration. She suggested that I drink more water to help correct the problem. Since then, I’ve set out on a mission to make water more fun to drink in an effort to bring more of it into my daily routine.

At first, I thought I’d just use a manufactured additive, like Mio. While Mio has some exciting flavors, I wasn’t fond of the artificial taste, nor the synthetic ingredients I saw on the label. If the whole idea is to drink more water to improve my health through the removal of toxins, why should I put more processed materials into my body? I ditched the Mio after my morning glass of H2O.

Then I started thinking of the natural flavors I was seeking in my water, and I decided to simply…add them. I wanted a hint of fruit, a touch of citrus, a hearty note of basil, or an aroma of mint (not necessarily all at once, but with each different glass). I bought some lemons, limes, strawberries, and blueberries, cut some sprigs of mint and basil from the garden, and got to work dicing my ingredients.

lemon lime

Lemons and limes are common additions to water.


Strawberries and basil leaves.



Fresh mint. Not just for your mojito!

We have a reverse osmosis system in our kitchen, so filling a pitcher with fresh, filtered water is very easy for me. After I’d cut each of my ingredients, I threw them in with a pitcher of water and stowed in the fridge to chill.

The concoctions weren’t exceptionally sweet or savory, but the hint of flavor was enough to keep my mouth intrigued. While I am certainly not the first to infuse water with flavor, I do want to point out how easy this process is, as well as its potential. While reaching for Mio or any other additives is very easy and convenient, with some planning at the grocery store, the same effect can be achieved, only in a cleaner way. Fruits and herbs such as lemon, cucumber, and mint also aid the body in detox.

strawberry basil

Strawberry basil water.

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