Ice Bucket Challenge

I was recently nominated by a former student to complete the ice bucket challenge that has been taking over the internet as of late. I was glad to get invited in to the craze, but I wanted to participate consciously.

I scoured the internet for information on the purpose of the ice bucket challenge, but I didn’t find any conclusive evidence as to why a bucket of ice water was the gimmick behind the challenge. I did find out a lot about how Pat Quinn and his friends first came up with the challenge in Boston. After reading about ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease in the United States, I learned that it is one that attacks nerves and makes it difficult for one to control or initiate muscle movement. In my mind, freezing cold water makes one shiver uncontrollably, giving the candidate a small glimpse at what ALS fighters deal with on a daily basis.


Some people chalk the ice bucket craze up to “slacktivism” so I decided to make good on truly raising awareness and fighting for a cause, and I donated $10 for every person living in my house. The premise of the ice bucket challenge is that once nominated, a person has 24 hours to complete the challenge AND donate $10, or donate $100 to the ALS cause and forego dousing themselves with ice water. 

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