I awoke to the news this morning that one of my former students, an alumnus of CCSD, had passed away in a car crash this past Sunday morning. The news was unexpectedly devastating, mainly because I’ve never lost a student before, and so I really wasn’t sure how I’d feel emotionally.

I am truly saddened.

Our culture likes to dictate how people should mourn and what feelings we have a right to in the wake of someone’s death. When a celebrity passes, we get all critical about people who display emotion behind it:

“You didn’t know them personally!”

“You didn’t have a relationship with them!”

“What’s ‘Celebrity XYZ’ ever done for you?”

Yet still, I am conscious of my heart’s climate right now, and all I can feel is sorrow, devastation, and shock. He came through my classroom. I pulled him aside and told him to straighten up, or else. I looked in his eyes and told him that I believed in him. I watched him graduate.

And now, he’s dead.

I pray that wherever he is, he’s found peace.

I hope that you are at peace…


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