Bye Bye, Baby

For this entire year, my husband and I have been firing on all cylinders. At times, it’s felt like we were borrowing cylinders from others and firing on those too. Through raising our daughter from baby to toddler to participating in weddings, finding new jobs, and relocating our lives from west coast to east coast, we’ve had plenty of time to argue, throw insults at each other, hurt each other, roll our eyes in disgust at one another, and lose sleep over general marital frustration. It hasn’t been fun.

I bought a Groupon Getaway deal a couple of days after the move because I thought it would give us a nice excuse to explore our new home state a bit, and it’d be great to finally get to spend some time away from baby. Though we can’t imagine our lives without her, spending all of our time with Kennedy can be tiresome, as with any child. I was hoping that a small getaway would be enough to reenergize us as well as give us some time to communicate in an uninterrupted environment of relaxation. So, last Friday, we packed the car and drove two hours northeast to the Omni Resort on Amelia Island.

Here are some photos of what we were able to do in a chihuahua-free, baby-free environment:


We were up at the crack of dawn per usual, but able to take in a gorgeous sunrise over the Atlantic.



Lounging around has its awesomeness multiplied by 50 when you’re doing it on a hotel room bed with cozy hotel sheets.



I took a cliche jump pic by the ocean.



We also took a cliche selfie. 🙂


I spotted THIS little guy (or gal, for all I know) motoring along the beach! Clearly a land turtle, but I didn’t see any others!


We had the chance to collect some seashells. Lots of shells along the Fernandina Beach coastline, and we even found a few bits of sea glass.


Lastly, I was able to curl my hair, put on a pretty dress, slip into my favorite pair of heels, and carry a tiny purse with just lip gloss and my ID in it. I can count on one hand the amount of times that’s happened since Kennedy was born!


I’d say it was a great trip, because at the end of the weekend, neither of us wanted to come home.

I struggled at first, because this was my first night away from our baby, ever. I didn’t have the courage to leave her overnight with anyone while living in California because I just couldn’t let go of worry enough to pass her off to a friend for a period of 24 hours. However, I think we both learned through this experience that time away from baby is necessary at certain intervals. Our baby girl had a fun-filled weekend with her grandparents, and we were certainly happy to see her again when we returned.


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