Quicker Than a Ray of Light – Kennedy is Three!

I don’t know how this happened, but I am suddenly mom to a three year old. That beautiful baby I incubated and gave birth to seemingly yesterday has grown into a little kid – talking, walking, singing, dancing, laughing, and brightening the world of those around her. Where has the time gone?? Here are some photos of what the last 365 have been like for sweet K. Faye:


Right after she blew out the candles on her second birthday cake, Kennedy came with me to New Orleans to visit Auntie Tiffany. She liked the French Quarter. 🙂


We dressed up as fairies for Halloween 2015


Christmas with kiddos is always a blast.


In January, Kennedy got to meet the cousin she shares a birthday with, just after his team’s amazing victory over the Florida State Seminoles!


We moved into our new home in February, and Kennedy and I started soaking up the new yard almost immediately. 


Someone also graduated to a spiffy new toddler bed for her brand new big girl room!


Upon unpacking, she got to try on my wedding dress, finally. 


Reppin’ the Giants like a BOSS! #GotItFromHerMama


I wish we could’ve spent more time at the beach this year. We’ll do better next year, K. 


More than any other year, Kennedy spent lots of time with family, such as her sister cousin Giovanna. 


…and her beautiful Auntie Patricia 🙂


The Fourth of July was another fun backyard occasion. 


Newly three years old. She’s a Barbie girl, she’s a princess, she’s my everything. ❤

Every day of being Kennedy’s mom brings new challenges and joys to me as I strive to be all that I can be for her.



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