Happy Birthday, Mom

My mom and I celebrated her birthday together last month, and it was a big deal because at this point, my mom has now outlived her own mother, who died at age 57 after hospitalization with pneumonia. I’ve written about my grandmother on this blog a few times before, so if you’re not familiar with that story, you may want to look back for a moment.


That’s us! Christmas 2011

Spending time with my mom is a big deal for other reasons too. For six years, we lived on opposite coasts. As well as we did during that time with getting along, it was grueling. It was painful. It was difficult. Now that I have the chance to see her on a daily basis again, it’s important for me to take time out to do things with her.

One might argue that I’m trying to make up for lost time. Perhaps that’s true. Though we shared tons of details over the phone, my mom wasn’t as involved with the planning process of my wedding as most moms would be, simply due to distance. I couldn’t have my mother at my first baby shower because I wanted her at the birth of my daughter instead. I spent a lot of money flying east because it was important for me to see her each year (sadly, one year, I couldn’t make it happen).

My mom and I are also in the minority for mother/daughter relationships that I’ve seen in the people around me. Moms and daughters tend to love each other intrinsically, but that doesn’t automatically make them close. Some moms are overbearing and controlling, they berate their daughters, or they even experience extreme jealousy of them. For as long as I can remember, my mom has always served as an example to me. She’s pushed me to be more and do more. We don’t always agree or get along, but none of our disagreements have ever gone unresolved. Now that I’m an adult, she supports me on my journey through marriage and motherhood. She gives me pointers on my journey through the professional world. Each day that I get with her, I feel grateful. We don’t get to choose our parents, but I’m certainly glad I got the parents that I did.

I’m also looking forward to spending as much time as I possibly can cherishing my mom. ❤

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