Grab it By the P-word


It was one year ago that I began browsing Trulia and caught a glimpse of this beautiful home listing. It was just the right size, it was in just the right area, but the price wasn’t one I was jumping for joy over.

It had been reduced once since first being placed on the market, so I decided to watch it for a while. I decided to drive past it to scope out the surroundings in-person and liked what I saw. I kept my eye on it, I fixed my husband’s eyes on it, and I quietly said some prayers of hope for it.

Two months and one painful escrow later, and we were receiving keys to the house I didn’t know we had a snowball’s chance in hell at buying. We low-balled the offer and stayed firm and the sellers, motivated by the fact that they were receiving minimal views and foot traffic, decided to sit at the table with us.

My point? It’s certainly not to brag, if that’s what you’re thinking. Based on the title of this post, hopefully you have a clue as to where I’m headed…

Has the world stopped crying over the election yet? No? Well, if you’re someone who believed in MAGA, try to just smile quietly and not gloat. Nobody likes coming up on the losing side, and our country is already divided enough. Don’t make matters worse. If you were “with her,” applaud the efforts of Hillary Rodham Clinton. She’s done some daring things in the public eye, and while she isn’t a personal role model to me, I have no issue giving her credit for being brave enough to face her husband’s tawdry affair with composure, to show up for work day in and day out after her many missteps, and for giving a classy concession speech at the conclusion of the 2016 election. Something for us ALL to take away from Mr. Trump’s unbelievable traipse from reality television to the White House, is that there is nothing stopping any of us from what we want. Donald Trump is completely unqualified for the presidency; he may have great ideas for how to get America running again, and some of them aren’t half bad (I want to see industry return to US soil, and I was never a fan of ACA), but he has had no political grooming for the most important job in our country. However, that job is his now.

I’d imagine that somewhere in that disheveled head of his, he got the idea that if he wanted to see a change, he’d have to be the one to make it, and set his eyes on the presidency similarly to how I set my sights on the beautiful house that I now get to call my home. He went after it despite hecklers and naysayers…and he got it. What are you currently pining after or striving for? How many opportunities have you talked yourself out of because of your own disbelief? Let the 2016 president elect be evidence to you of how you need to shut that shit down. Go for what you want. Grab it by the p***y. The only thing stopping you is you, so get out of your own way.

2 thoughts on “Grab it By the P-word

  1. I completely agree Mrs. O. I wish the rest of the us saw things in this light. I also want to congratulate you and your husband on your second pregnancy! I love reading your blogs, they help me a lot when times are ruff.

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