Christmas is five days away and while our home has looked festive for the last month or so, I am still scrambling to get everything in order with regard to gifts, accommodations for my parents, and ingredients for what will be on our Christmas Day menu.

I enjoy this time of year a lot more now that we live so much closer to my family. It’s also fun to get to share the traditions of the holidays with a toddler Kennedy, who is now old enough to understand and get excited for the big day. She’s also debuted some new traditions with my mom and me. Well, new to her, anyway. We’ve been baking cookies together for decades!


Cutting cookies! ✂️ We introduced K to my grandmother’s recipe box this week.


…and decorating 🌈

She also did a lot better with Santa Claus this year than in the past!


2014 vs. 2016

And we all got to enjoy a Christmas party together that my fabulously talented husband catered (to perfection!).


Fam bam❤️

Each year, I’m sure we all hear an earful from someone aiming to point out the overly commercial nature of the Christmas holiday as it is celebrated in the Western world, so I won’t start down that path here. What I will say, though, is that even if you are someone who chooses to indulge in the holiday for all its sparkly capitalism, do not do so devoid of generosity, making memories, and kindness. I’ve seen way too many people use Christmas gifting as a means for trying to prove their love or make others jealous, and that’s definitely not the right emotion to place behind giving.

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