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Hello there! If you have followed this blog over the last three years, first, allow me to thank you for your readership. I appreciate it. You are probably looking around right now and wondering what the heck happened to the old TR I began with. Different color scheme and layout, old content is missing, and the feel is not the same as before. You are not crazy. Things have definitely changed, and I appreciate you sticking around for this next segment of my blog.

I began this blog in 2014 as a way to keep record of the lessons, trials, failures, and victories I would encounter as I moved through my thirties. I was right to want to blog about the experience as life has only gotten more challenging (and exciting) since I left age 29. At only three years in, my life looks very different from how it did when I was freshly 30. I live in a different state, my family has grown, I have a different job and more education now, and my mindset is very different. I have been through situations that have changed me immensely, making it impossible for me to stay the person I was in 2014. It only makes sense to me that this blog, which was created for showcasing details of my thirties, gets an upgrade. I expect that the look and feel of TR will likely change a few more times before I reach age 39 and decide whether or not to create Forty, Reimagined. All of that is fine, though, as long as it always reflects me.

I also needed to take a step back and figure out what purpose I wanted this blog to serve. I know that I have explained that this blog is about my thirties – the title says it, the content is relevant to it, you get it. But I wouldn’t call housing memories from one decade of my life the entirety of this site’s purpose. Or at least, that wasn’t all I wanted to do when I set this thing up.

I have had, and still do have, lots of learning to do about the Internet and its content. The Internet used to be a space to experiment – things like chat rooms and instant messenger applications made communicating with people fun. Yes, there were downsides to it – such as the trickery, perversion, and deceit that comes from being able to communicate with others without ever disclosing things like your true age, your true sex, your true life circumstances – but fellow 90s kids will likely agree that the Internet began as this fun tool you could go out and try things with and nobody at the time ever thought about the implications of having old remnants of oneself scattered about in an electronic universe that could potentially be found by someone else many, many years later.


This alludes to why all of my previous content has disappeared. I am becoming more aware of just how predatory, ill-mannered, and treacherous the Internet has become. I do not feel that anyone can be preyed upon through the Internet without first allowing that door to be opened on themselves. Similar to how reality television show producers cannot actually make contestants look bad unless the contestants do anything that can be taken out of context or misread (which includes a lot of actions that people commit every day, inadvertently), patrons of the Internet who like to utilize comment sections, social media sharing, and blog posts do not open themselves to be ridiculed unless they give folks something to ridicule them about. I am no stranger to ridicule, so this move was not made out of fear or thin skin. However, if I am going to allow myself to be judged, I would like to at least make the attempt at providing better content to be judged from. A lot of the views I shared on this blog before I no longer hold. A lot of what I had to say then sounds different coming from me now. I am not ashamed of who I used to be, but I am also not that person anymore. Starting over in a new state, having a new baby, and getting older have all changed me.

I am also not naïve. I recognize that even though I have deleted blog posts from this site, they still exist somewhere on the web and any hacker with even a little skill could probably dig them up. However, this is not the primary concern for me. Instead, I am concerned with focusing my blog more instead of making it into a closet to hold all of my written synapses. This will in turn make it an easier site to read and follow along with. If you’ve been here since the start, that’s good news for you! I am also excited to see TR become neater, more theme related, and more fun.


Lastly, because the Internet and our world have become so riddled with the superficial, the negative, the insulting, I have decided once and for all that TR is going to be devoted to offering deeper, more positive, and more uplifting content. I still have things to say, and I will say them, but I will say those things elsewhere off of the Internet. The truths that I share on this blog will not always be rosy and sunshiny, but they will be geared toward a more positive offering. I do not believe the old site was a downer before, but I feel that my life’s purpose includes giving back something of value to the world, and I choose to use this blog space as one of many vehicles through which I can do that.

If you are still with me, then great. I am glad to have you. If this all seems like too much crap for you, no hard feelings at all. Welcome to the new Thirty, Reimagined. Or perhaps it should be called Thirty, Reimagined…reimagined! Either way, I’m enjoying the new digs, and I’m excited to keep writing here.


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