Published? Me?

I am now a published author.

Even just typing that sentence makes me a little uneasy, but I am learning to step into that truth more seamlessly as I say it more.

I wrote a book and dedicated it to my two children, I hired an illustrator to create art for it, I had it published, I gave it to my daughter, and now it’s available for purchase on Amazon.

Perhaps it’s the stigma of self-publishing that makes me shrink from calling myself a published author, but as I take more steps on my journey to acceptance, surrender, and finding satisfaction in the present, I am learning to shed this fear, especially as I remind myself of the reason why I am a self-published author.


I wrote and published The Land of California first and foremost as a gift for my kids. Yes, I could’ve taken the conventional route and published through a professional company, and I certainly hold no qualms about that process whatsoever. But this project was so personal that I didn’t want to hand its fate over to someone else who is not acquainted with me, my family, or why California is such a special place for us. I knew I had a message to give to my son and daughter and didn’t want any interference in delivering it, so self-publishing was the ideal option.

It was also a challenging option. Any endeavor with the word “self” attached to the prefix often involves assuming responsibility for everything. With books, that means layout design, marketing, and sales. I really wasn’t interested in any of that until I started getting good feedback on the book, and I ventured into it as more of a “Why not?” instead of making it my bread and butter. Though it’s been a tough ride, I am not discouraged by the process and am grateful that I can take a more enlightened approach to publishing my next book.

I always knew I had things to say on paper, but I have only just now worked up the courage to put them into book form. Did I initially set out to write children’s books? Not really, but it’s amazing how having children can turn your sights away from certain things and onto others. Have I abandoned my ambition to write for adults? No…not even close.

Stay tuned.

Please, stay tuned as I continue my foray into the world of authoring because you see, I AM a published author, and I’ve got lots more to write about.

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