What’s the deal?

Hello there! If you have followed this blog over the last three years, first, allow me to thank you for your readership. I appreciate it. You are probably looking around right now and wondering what the heck happened to the old TR I began with. Different color scheme and layout, old content is missing, and... Continue Reading →


My family and I weathered our first hurricane together on the night of September 10th and into the morning of September 11, 2017. While the storm has moved on and dissipated, my internal climate has taken more time to calm down. The entire event was surreal, and the second major disaster I’ve experienced since turning... Continue Reading →

My Son, the Game Changer

So much of who I am has been shaped by my kids, but the most profound changes I have made have been the result of my son’s presence in my life. Long before I even laid eyes on him, he began changing my soul’s trajectory, and as a result, my attitude is different, my outlook... Continue Reading →

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