Irma Came and Went…or so I Thought.

It’s been roughly four months since Hurricane Irma made her slow pass up Florida’s peninsula, but her wrath of devastation still remains in many areas. As previously mentioned, this was the first major hurricane my family and I have had to deal with, and while we are grateful to have not been in Puerto Rico,... Continue Reading →


Christmas blew in like a major storm and left a path of haphazardness in its wake for me. I enjoyed a beautiful holiday with my family and got to bask in the warm, fuzziness of receiving thoughtful gifts while also watching others light up at opening what I had gotten them. However, after it was... Continue Reading →

Shake Hands with the Past

In most contexts, it seems that our feelings with regard to the past motivate us to reflect on it with anger, sadness, regret, or frustration. Many of us look at the past as evidence of why we are the way that we are, and that can often lead to the stirring up of animosity, resentment,... Continue Reading →

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